Vălul Miresei Waterfall

Anna, Mihai and Paul write about their latest experience of the Bride's Veil Waterfall, Cluj county, Romania.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall

Vălul Miresei (Bride's Veil) Waterfall or Răchițele Falls in Cluj County, Romania is a beautiful stream falling from a height of around 50 feet. It is quite spectacular to watch and explore. Every time we visited the waterfall it had a lot of water coming down, so it is not a good idea to try to get too close to it at the top nor at the bottom. People died getting too close.

the waterfall in the winter

The legend of the falls speaks of a bride who fell from the top of a tall cliff. As she fell, the veil on her head got stuck on the side of the precipice. The wedding guests stopped their partying at that spot and started crying at the sight. Their tears fell over the cliff forming the waterfall that looks like a veil draped on the very steep slope of the mountain side.

We went to see this waterfall many times as it is very beautiful to just look at it and explore its surroundings. The last time when we went our youngest wanted to stay by the falls and dip his feet in the water down below and try to walk through the stream unto the other side. I stayed behind with him, while hubby went hiking with our oldest son on the way up the mountain, on the side of the waterfall.

close by the waterfall but not too close

We went there on a Monday morning, so the place wasn't too crowded.  Parking spots on the sides of the road were easy to find. The trailhead starts where the paved road ends and is replaced by a gravel road by the forest. The gravel road is quite wide and sloping gently upwardly. It is easy to hike, we have seen lots of people with smaller kids walking there.

From the trailhead it takes us around 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. Last time when we went we were pleasantly surprised to see that they have built a sturdy wooden bridge over the stream at the bottom of the falls.

The new bridge

As I was watching Paul cautiously exploring the stream and getting closer to the waterfall but not too close, I saw some raspberries on the slope next to the bridge so I went to see if they were ripe. They were delicious. I love forest berries in the wild. They have a sweetness and flavour that is somewhat lost in the cultivated version.

wild raspberries 

I also tried my skill with the stepping stones, but I didn't get too far. Still it was nice having a view of the falls from the stepping stones. I took a long time standing  on the largest rock I found and with my back leaning on the bridge I just savoured the closeness of the waterfall, the impressive amount of water coming down, the beauty of the place.

Vălul Miresei for me is:

Foaming waters rushing down the cliff;  
Droplets of cool spraying my flushed face;
The clamour drowning our voices;
Fresh and bright light cascading down in white folds;
The awe gripping my legs, making them melt.

Mihai, 13

A few days ago we went to see the Bride's Veil waterfall, in Cluj County, Romania. When we arrived at the trailhead, we started going up the incline to the waterfall on top of the hill. The trail is not tiring and takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

Lots of butterflies on the hike

At the end of the trail, a huge waterfall looms over a short wooden bridge spanning the river.

I and my dad soon had enough of the surroundings and continued hiking up the path, which continued up the mountain. A huge yellow semi-truck came roaring down the path, warning us that there might be more.

with dad

About halfway up the trail, another semi zoomed past us. I was wondering how these drivers took such sharp turns in massive vehicles when the answer dawned upon me. The logging company was hiring NASCAR drivers. Aha!

A few minutes later, we came to the top of the waterfall. It was dangerous to be on the edge because you might fall in and die. There was a gravestone next to the edge, telling of someone's sad fate.

View from the top of the falls 

A while later, we got to a Salvamont cabin next to a crossroads. We chose the path on the right, and it was very steep for a while, but we had to go back because it was getting late.

I liked this trail because it was not too hard and had some interesting points.

Bride's Veil Waterfall is:

The huge cliffs on each side of the trail;
The sound of water splashing;
The noisy truck engines;
The rough wooden bridge;
The small Salvamont cabin next to the road.

I would go again to see what is further on the path.

Paul, 10

Bride's Veil Waterfall trail is a short hike that takes you to a giant waterfall in the shape of a bride's veil. When I went there, I took off my shoes and decided to wade the brook. My plan was successful and I managed to sit down right next to the waterfall.

sitting next to the waterfall

Next to the waterfall where I was sitting a small stream was pouring down the rocks towards me. From there I could appreciate how tall the waterfall was and it was huge. The water rushing around my feet was freezing so in no time my feet became numb because of the cold. When I sat near the waterfall and breathed in some water vapor entered my mouth. From right next to the waterfall I could hear the water churning up with a dull roar. I felt like going next to the waterfall was a good idea because I got to experience it from close up.  

Then my ambitious brain conceived the idea of making a new wall of Troy out of loose stones piled up next to the waterfall. Maybe later on I could finish the wall and create a new Troy and maybe my Troy could have its own queen, Helen.

Each of these wishes turned out to be false hopes because I did not even finish one wall. Then Mihai and dad came back from their hike and we left to eat some yummy cheese filled delights.

there's a food truck with a small outdoors seating area by the stream

I would go again to walk through the water.    

Bride's Veil Waterfall for me is:

The wet foam from the waterfall spraying my back.
The cool water of the brook.
The hard edges of the rocks.
The bridge at the bottom of the falls.